Operating Batteries and Bidding Market Generators

Imagine continuously optimising your portfolio by automating the management of your control variable – that being your generation plant or battery.

Our vAdvisor platform encompasses a set of forecasting algorithms, an optimisation engine and bid submission for scheduled plant (or operational signals for embedded batteries).

  • Maximise your battery, plant or portfolio value
  • Energy and FCAS co-optimised
  • For larger portfolios why not automate FCAS bids?
  • Continuous bid reformulation and automated submission
  • Performance benchmarking - quantify value - learn and improve
  • Integrate with sophisticated trading teams or operate autonomously
  • Multiple algorithmic layers – price and FCAS utilisation forecasting, and optimisation engine

* Explore our free trial vAdvisor Concept to get a feel for automated decision making and to use the outputs to support your financing and business case efforts.

This service is consumed by gentailers, market participants, scheduled plant including batteries and renewables

vAdvisor workflow for bidding scheduled plant including batteries and renewables

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