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Proudly Australian owned and operated

Our Foundation

Ethical standards are the foundations of pdView. Our services are availed by our client's decision making because our skills and knowledge are trusted. Our mission is to build scalable and durable systems with beautiful and responsive user interfaces.

Our vision is to automate the decision making process within energy markets. This vision is viable because of the data rich environment which allows for a high level of abstraction and problem formulation. The lack of visibility and bench-marking in current business practices provides an opportunity to extract value by improving decision quality and increasing decision frequency whilst measuring the value of these decisions. pdView was founded in 2014.

Our Feb-2017 provisional patent, 2017900364, to automate FCAS bids is proof of our vision.

Our Technology

Our technology stack is deployed in AWS and includes serverless, postgres, react and python. Our development approach applies weekly sprints, consistent pipelines, continuous deployment, code reviews, UML, wireframes and whiteboards.

pdView is always hiring. Please contact us to learn more about the benefits and opportunities.


Our Clients


Our Founders

Brett Gebert


Brett Gebert, BEng(Chem) / BSci(Maths) / PgD(Man), is responsible for client engagement and business management, he is the front-end of pdView.

Brett is interested in the evolution of decision making processes and measuring the value of decisions.

Andrew Reidy


Andrew Reidy, BCom/BSci(Maths), is responsible for product development and algorithmic logic, he is the back-end of pdView.

Andrew is interested in problem formulation, statistics and mathematics and the application to real world problems.

Specialising in Algorithmic Software Services for Energy Markets

Proudly Australian owned and operated

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