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Specialising in Algorithmic Software Services for Energy Markets

NEM bidding system

Automated Bidding of Generators, Renewables and Batteries

  • maximise FCAS and energy earnings
  • intelligent rebidding of renewables through SRMC price point
  • integrate with trading teams and third-party bidding software
  • measure, manage and improve with comprehensive benchmarking
  • interrogate and intervene in the solve cycle
  • includes adaptive machine learning price forecasts

This service is consumed by:

  • gentailers, market participants
  • scheduled plant including batteries and renewables

enriching data

Regulation and Frequency 4 Second Data

  • measure generator performance
  • analyse frequency and generator behaviour
  • understand the gross margin in providing regulation FCAS
  • understand your liabilities and contribution factor
  • direct data access to database available

This service is consumed by:

  • plant exposed to regulation FCAS cost recovery
  • providers of regulation FCAS
  • regulators and regulatory teams interested in frequency and FCAS market design

enriching data

Day, Hour and Week Ahead Expected Generation

  • predispatch, p5min and p7day generation profiles
  • updated every 5 and 30 minutes
  • summary views, events
  • changes between rundatetimes and settlementdates highlighted
  • download data via API

This service is consumed by:

  • energy traders
  • outage planners

Specialising in Algorithmic Software Services for Energy Markets

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